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The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
ArtistThe Beatles
TitleMagical Mystery Tour
Catalog #SHZE 327
OriginFlag of Germany Germany
CD LabelFull Color Disc Label Full Color Disc Label
FidelityStereo Recording Stereo Recording
Track #11
Runtime w/o TOC36:26.70
Runtime w/ TOC36:28.70
CDDB ID9a088a0b
DetailsGerman Stereo LP - true stereo LP
1.Magical Mystery TourLennon-McCartney[2:52]
2.The Fool On The HillLennon-McCartney[3:01]
4.Blue Jay WayHarrison[3:56]
5.Your Mother Should KnowLennon-McCartney[2:30]
6.I Am The WalrusLennon-McCartney[4:37]
7.Hello, GoodbyeLennon-McCartney[3:26]
8.Strawberry Fields ForeverLennon-McCartney[4:04]
9.Penny LaneLennon-McCartney[3:00]
10.Baby You're A Rich ManLennon-McCartney[2:59]
11.All You Need Is LoveLennon-McCartney[3:45]
Cover (Outside / Inside)
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