Dr. Ebbetts Sound Systems

Dr. Ebbetts Sound Systems (DESS) is a pirate label specializing in needledrops of The Beatles US and UK releases.

At a time when many audiophiles were unsatisfied with the sound of the official CD catalog, Dr. Ebbetts provided a high quality alternative and gained a loyal following. These remasters sourced from pristine, original vinyl pressings and packaged in faithful reproductions of the original artwork became instant classics and must-haves for aficionados.

In 2009, with EMI on the verge of releasing the long awaited, official remasters of The Beatles UK catalog, Dr. Ebbetts decided to put an end to his 14 year-old project. Proclaiming the remasters to be "good enough to make the Ebbetts catalogue solidly inferior," DESS immediately became a defunct label. Today, genuine DESS releases are highly sought after by fans and extremely prized among collectors.

As a fan developed site, drebbetts.com has no affiliation with the creator of the DESS series. This site is not an e-commerce or trading platform. None of the titles listed here are for sale, trade, or download.

Built for fans and collectors of the DESS label, drebbetts.com has been designed as a reference tool and is only to be used for that purpose. Dr. Ebbetts officially shut down the label in 2009 and the administrators of this site cannot provide any information on where or how to obtain these titles.

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