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Neil Young - Neil Young
ArtistNeil Young
TitleNeil Young
Catalog #RS 6317
OriginFlag of the United States US
CD LabelMonochrome Disc Label Monochrome Disc Label
FidelityStereo Recording Stereo Recording
Track #10
Runtime w/o TOC36:24.54
Runtime w/ TOC36:26.54
CDDB ID8408880a
DetailsUS stereo LP
1.The Emperor Of WyomingYoung[2:20]
2.The LonerYoung[3:56]
3.If I Could Have Her TonightYoung[2:22]
4.I've Been Waiting For YouYoung[2:35]
5.The Old Laughing LadyYoung[5:58]
6.String Quartet From Whiskey Boot HillNitzsche[1:05]
7.Here We Are In The YearsYoung[3:20]
8.What Did You Do To My Life?Young[2:30]
9.I've Loved Her So LongYoung[2:48]
10.The Last Trip To TulsaYoung[9:30]
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