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The Beatles - The Beatles Greatest
ArtistThe Beatles
TitleThe Beatles Greatest
Catalog #1C 062-04 207
OriginFlag of Germany Germany
CD LabelMonochrome Disc Label Monochrome Disc Label
FidelityStereo Recording Stereo Recording
Track #16
Runtime w/o TOC38:51.72
Runtime w/ TOC38:53.72
CDDB IDd1091b10
DetailsGerman stereo LP
1.I Want To Hold Your HandLennon-McCartney[2:27]
2.Twist And ShoutMedley-Russell[2:35]
3.A Hard Day's NightLennon-McCartney[2:35]
4.Eight Days A WeekLennon-McCartney[2:45]
5.I Should Have Known BetterLennon-McCartney[2:45]
6.Long Tall SallyJohnson-Penniman[2:06]
7.She Loves YouLennon-McCartney[2:23]
8.Please Mister PostmanDobbins-Garrett-Holland-Bateman-Gorman[2:35]
9.I Feel FineLennon-McCartney[2:24]
10.Rock And Roll MusicBerry[2:33]
11.Ticket To RideLennon-McCartney[3:08]
12.Please Please MeMcCartney-Lennon[2:01]
13.It Won't Be LongLennon-McCartney[2:14]
14.From Me To YouLennon-McCartney[1:58]
15.Can't Buy Me LoveLennon-McCartney[2:13]
16.All My LovingLennon-McCartney[2:09]
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