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The Who - A Quick One
ArtistThe Who
TitleA Quick One
Catalog #593002
OriginFlag of the United Kingdom UK
CD LabelMonochrome Disc Label Monochrome Disc Label
FidelityMonaural Recording Monaural Recording
Track #10
Runtime w/o TOC32:28.20
Runtime w/ TOC32:30.20
CDDB ID64079c0a
DetailsReaction Records
1.Run Run RunTownshend[2:36]
2.Boris The SpiderEntwistle[2:34]
3.I Need YouMoon[2:30]
4.Whiskey ManEntwistle[3:00]
5.Heat WaveHolland-Dozier-Holland[2:02]
6.Cobwebs And StrangeMoon[2:35]
7.Don't Look AwayTownshend[2:57]
8.See My WayDaltrey[1:58]
9.So Sad About UsTownshend[3:08]
10.A Quick One While He's AwayTownshend[9:09]
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